Welcome back to our Document of the Month feature, showcasing some of the awesome documents in our collections.

2018 is a year of big anniversaries: 170 years since the 1848 Revolutions (we have an event coming up about those uprisings on June 23rd), 50 years since the summer of 1968, 100 years since the end of WW1 and the beginning of the brief German Revolution of 1918-19, etc. Given that we are still in May, we shall focus on 1968 for now, especially in the run-up to the event this weekend remembering and celebrating the 1968 Revolts, organised with a number of other groups, notably People's Histreh.

So our Document of the Month for May is an issue of Anarchy from July 1968 about the "Maydays in France". Anarchy is a fascinating and beautiful publication, which ran through a couple of incarantions in the 1960s and 1970s. This issue is from the first run of this journal, published by Colin Ward et al, once more featuring a memorable cover design. There are quite a few more issues of Anarchy in the Digital Library, more than enough to pass a rainy afternoon.

Anarchy 089 Vol:08 #07; July 1968