Hello everyone to another round up of news on the Sparrows’ Nest, giving you an idea of what we have been getting up to.

Please also see our website for more information on an upcoming event at the Nest!

This time only a (very) short one, but we have been rather busy, cataloguing new books and papers we hauled back home following the Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair, including some good donations from individuals – latest was a load of Black Flags from the 1970s.

We also (re-)organised the Anarchist Federation’s archive based on material from several members. That was a lot of work, but well worth it, freed up some (increasingly precious) space by tidying up as well as making this collection a lot easier to access.

We were asked by a few visitors/researchers to digitise a number of documents, resulting in a bunch of new arrivals in the ‘Public Archive’ section of the Digital Library, including a number of issues of Class War. Also there is another classic issue of Freedom, this time from 1931.

Please note that a number of errors have been corrected (which surely resulted in a few more being added!). For instance a few documents scanned in the past but not yet uploaded were added to the database, notably one of our very oldest documents, the pamphlet Bullets for Bread (PAR0181.pdf), regarding the 'Featherstone Massacre' of 1893, when a number of striking Yorkshire miners were shot by the army.

Like always, enjoy browsing our collections, either when visiting us at the Nest (opening times every Tuesday 11am-2pm) or from wherever you are when accessing the Digital Library.